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Why buy with Timberland Realty

Buying the “perfect” property is a dream come true for many people. It has been our experience since 1987 that once buyers find Timberland Realty they have been in the market looking for up to 2 years in their search. We hear about all the “cut-over” property and misleading advertising that is attracting buyers only to leave them utterly disappointed in the end. We are glad to report that once we begin to work in earnest with a buyer we are able to bring them success within a 6-9 month period, on average, based on all our years in business.

Timberland Realty Buyer Services

Why buy with Timberland Realty

We have the means by virtue of membership in multiple MLS’s and other land-based websites as well as having our fingers on the pulse of properties that are available but not currently listed by anyone to help shorten your search time. Once we know exactly what a buyer is looking for we will attempt to go find it for them based on our extensive knowledge and contact list that has been developed over our tenure in this industry. If we know what you are looking for, we can and will help you find it.

Few, if any, other brokerages in this region have the knowledge or expertise in this niche market with as many years of combined experience as we possess in timberland valuation as well as land, recreational property, camps and cabins, exquisite “second” homes, farms, waterfront, land subdivision and more. We spend 100% of our time in the field, on property, and closing deals. We understand the land and all its attributes from timber to oil, gas, and minerals, easements and right of ways, wind energy, solar, carbon, the impact of streams and ponds, views, and public land adjacency as they all relate to final closing value. We know how these attributes and others contribute to value and how you can organize your best offer accordingly.

Since we are very resourceful and connected, if we do not have all the answers you need, we know who to call or where to go to get them.
We can represent your interest from start to closing with professionalism, honesty, and integrity. We do what we say we will do and we do return calls and emails. The common complaint we hear about other firms is the lack of communication and the lack of returned calls, emails, and texts on a regular basis. We strive to handle these same day, but in all instances within 48 hours maximum.

We are passionate about the land we sell and those that we represent in buying or selling. We truly live the lifestyle we sell as landowners, hunters, fishermen, farmers, camp owners, and owners of timber investment properties. Let our expertise be your key to success in finding and closing your dream property.

Contact one of our highly experienced property Agents today to find your perfect property!